Raspberry Pi USB not authorized

Today I put a usb drive to my raspberry pi to make a copy of the file. This is the first time I tried a usb. It pops up a window asking for authorization of root password. Don’t know the password, so tried the user Pi password “raspberry”. Of course it not work.

Actually we can change the root password with the following command.

sudo passwd root
Then input your password twice.

Use your new password to mount the USB.
It works perfectly.

Vermetid snails in saltwater tank

Vermetid snail is a common hitchhike in saltwater tank. it is not actually a snail. It can not move around like a sail, the base of the vermetid snails has snail like shape. In most of the case it is harmless, it may irritating nearby corals with it’s mucus string. IF there are too many vermetid snails, there mucus can tangle together like spider webs. They use the mucus string to get food from the water, and then pull the string back to their tube with the catched food .

vermetid snails
vermetid snails

Vermetid snails can be attached to the live rocks or the shell of the snails. People may want to get rid of them, because it can cut our fingers when we move the live rock. Only break the tube will not kill them, you need to destroy the base, too.