Bubble tip anemone care and clown fish

Bubble tip anemone and clown fish look amazing when they are together. That’s part of the reason people get into this hobby.

Nemo clown fish
Nemo clown fish

Anemones are delicate animal, so they need stable parameters in the saltwater tank. I have waited about 11 months before putting a RED bubble tip anemone in my tank. Here is the first day he is in a new home.

Bubble tip anemone
Put Bubble tip anemone in the tank at 3:30 pm 11/25/2015

After four hours, the Bubble tip hosted the Clarki clown fish. I am very excited. Turn out Bubble tip anemone is Clarki clown’s native host, No wonder they find each other so quickly.

Bubble tip anemone
Bubble tip anemone start to host the Clarki clown

Climate the BTA

I turn the power head off, so it will not blow the anemone away or hurt it before it hold on to the live rock. Also arrange your live rock, since BTA like to hide his foot between the live rock. He will move around until he find the right place. If he move, most of the time, he move during night.

Feed the anemone or not

Anemone is animal, they need some thing to eat to survive. Whether you feed it directly, feed by the clown fish or catch food in the water by himself. When first get this BTA, I feed it every other day. If he does not eat, he will just not accept the food. So no worry about over feed the anemone. I also notice the clown fish he hosted will pick a krill and feed the anemone, that’s really amazing. Some people don’t feed the anemone, but I think feed will make it happier and grow fast.

keep parameters stable

Keeping anemone is not as difficult as I though. I only use auto top off to keep the salinity stable. The temperature is low at about 66-70 in the winter. I am using two heaters, but still can not keep temperature higher.