Raspberry Pi drop WiFi connection

I built a reef controller with Raspberry Pi. Basically it is just a replay controller, It controls when which replay should be turned on. But there is a problem. it will drop the Wifi connection every few days. This is really annoying since I need to monitor the equipment remotely using internet.

The solution: writing a script to detect the lost a Wifi connection, it the connection lost, then reboot the raspberry pi, or just to reset the wifi connection. But the best way is to find the underline cause. This is caused by the power saving mode of raspberry Pi. The pi turned the wifi off to saving power. We need to make the following change to disable the power saving mode.

1. Create a new file in /etc/modprobe.d/8192cu.conf

sudo nano /etc/modprobe.d/8192cu.conf

2. paste the following in

# Disable power saving
options 8192cu rtw_power_mgnt=0 rtw_enusbss=1 rtw_ips_mode=1

3. reboot with sudo reboot

Quarantine Tank Setup to prevent fish disease

Quarantine tank setup is very important for the saltwater tank hobby. The fishes and invertebrates are expensive in the display tank. Due to the large volume of water and the Invertebrates will not tolerate the treatment, it is not practical to treat the whole display tank. Quarantine tank is a much better alternative

Why Quarantine?
The fish you just bought may looks healthy, but you never know for sure. Local fish store using medicine to treat the fish, it may cover the underline disease. The fishes have experience a tremendous stressful events before come to your tank. Catch by a diver from their real home, ship to the warehouse, ship to your local fish store and finally to your tank. The fish may or may mot get enough food during this process. It lived with other fish which may be sick in a small confined space. It should be considered lucky that he/she has arrived your home safely.

A real story from me. Several years ago I put a tiger barb to my fresh water tank without quarantine. Two days later , all my fishes have white spots when I got home from work. Realize what happened, I Rushed to get medicine for the fishes. On the way to the fish store, I forgot the speed limit and caught by police right in the cover of the store. The is a $120 lessen for the ticket plus all the stress both the fishes and me.

How to setup

Quarantine tank is just a small tank with filtration. When you has been in the saltwater hobby, I am sure you have more than one tank in your home or sitting in the garage. LOL Everyone hound tanks. Right now I have five tanks in my house, not all are running though. 10 Gallon is a good size for quarantine tank. Too larger too much maintenance. Pour some water and sands from your display to the quarantine tank, then add the form of filtration your like, such as a hang on back filter. Keep a small fish or shrimp there to keep the tank circled.

A easier way for Quarantine Tank

I designed my system with a build in quarantine tank, it is both a refugium and quarantine depends on if there is flow from the display. See pic bellow. If water flow from the display to the 40 gallon tank, then to the sump, it is a refugium. If the water flow direct from display to sump without go to the 4o gallon tank, the refugium becomes the quarantine tank.

Display tank with build in quarantine tankDisplay tank with build in quarantine tank
Display tank with build in quarantine tank