Raspberry Pi USB not authorized

Today I put a usb drive to my raspberry pi to make a copy of the file. This is the first time I tried a usb. It pops up a window asking for authorization of root password. Don’t know the password, so tried the user Pi password “raspberry”. Of course it not work.

Actually we can change the root password with the following command.

sudo passwd root
Then input your password twice.

Use your new password to mount the USB.
It works perfectly.

DoS attack: Teardrop or derivative, Ping of death

Have a look at my router log today. See two DoS attacks. One is the DoS attack: Teardrop or derivative, the other is Dos attack: Ping of death.
[DoS attack: Ping Of Death] from, port 0
[DoS attack: Teardrop or derivative] from, port 0
[DoS attack: Illegal Fragments] from, port 0

Is someone attacking my network. So search it online, most people say it is just noise, there is nothing to worry about.

I will keep an eye on it to see how often this happen and if it effect my network speed.